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January 14, 2015

All of 7.8 lbs. | Shaylie Wednesday

It’s official! Shaylie weighs herself.┬áLike any smart women, she only puts half her body weight on at a time!! I can’t tell you how cute my entire family thought this was. We all say that she is making her new years resolution to lose weight this year!! This mini yorkie is a whopping 7.8 lbs! For a mini, THAT IS A LOT!!! So this year…no more rice krispies Shay Shay. That doesn’t sound too convincing to me but gotta love this little girl!

Shaylie Wednesday| The trials and tribulations of a mini yorkie baby's first birthday nutcracker and sugarplum theme (2 of 3) baby's first birthday nutcracker and sugarplum theme (3 of 3)

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