Joyful & outgoing wedding photographer sharing her love of life in Richmond,Virginia. 


hey there! i'm heather

I’m a wedding photographer that is obsessed with my couples but more than that… I am a wife who is madly in love with my husband and a mama who is obsessed with my little boy. 

I enjoy the simple things in life like the smell of rain during an autumn day, black coffee, and anything to satisfy my ever-growing sweet tooth. It doesn’t take much to make me happy! I am extremely passionate about what I love and brace yourselves, I am a talker.

My god-given talent in life is connecting with couples and what better time to get to know you than before your wedding. This is an amazing transitional period in your life when two individuals take a vow to merge their lives into one. As your photographer, it’s my job to convey that through your wedding photographs. 

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Kate & Tommy

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Lynchburg, Virginia

Elisa & Nate

Charleston, South Carolina

Dani & Chris

Goochland, Virginia

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