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January 13, 2015

Meet Ben

I have wanted to write this blog post for months but I knew that waiting was the best option.  Moving back to Goochland from college has been a lifestyle change for me. I had the ability to meet friends and new people in a 10 block radius. I could walk out my door and just GO!! I loved that. When I graduated (WHOOP WHOOP) I moved home to the country and meeting people had become difficult. Going out  took so much effort and half the time my plans would get cancelled. I went through a very frustrated point in my life where I was just done… then I joined Match.com.

I know what you are thinking! Because multiple people have said it to me. “Does this even work?” “What if you are uncomfortable?” “Do you know what type of people are online?” “What happens if he is a creepy?”. These were all valid questions. I myself wasn’t sure if this was the best way to meet people but what I did know was who I was and what I wanted in a partner. The dates came and they honestly were not what I expected. I just wasn’t clicking with these people and I felt horrible. I then realized that all these people were not the person I was searching for and the great part of online dating is that we get a virtual glance to who these people are and that weeds out the mass amount of people. So, it was okay that things didn’t work out.

I wasn’t sure if I was going to keep up with Match.com and I gave it a 2 or 3 month break and deactivated my account. The break was nice but I still heard stories of people meeting their Mr. or Mrs. RIGHT through online dating. I wanted that. I wanted to trust and love someone with my whole heart and if I had a chance to have that through Match then I was going to devote myself to doing that.

I reactivated my account. I tried again. and GOOD LORD, I met someone. Ben.

I remember getting his message. He had seen one of my pictures from Westview on the James, the camp I grew up at and worked through college. He himself had done the same at the exact same camp! As I looked at his pictures I instantly recognized him (although if you ask him if he remembers me he will say no! HAHA, that’s okay though…he knows me NOW!). He seemed almost too good to be true! Knowing that he came from a place that molded me as a child and drastically changed my life as a counselor comforted me. I was babysitting and going to northern Virginia the next day to see my bestie come home from Australia and he called me!! and we talked, and talked, and TALKED! He talked to me through my entire drive up to NOVA and then entire drive back on the next day. When we finally met I felt like I knew him. We went to Capital Ale House and to a movie on our first date and Ben instantly saw my “closet nerd” as I call it. Which was great for me because most people don’t get to see that. It’s been history since then! We are closing in on 7 months and they have flown by!

Ben is so selfless! He is constantly doing things for me with no expectation of anything in return. He comes from an AMAZING family who are just a silly as he is. After 7 months, I can genuinely say he is my best friend and I talk to him about EVERYTHING (sorry babe!), good and bad. I spend ALL my free time with him because I can’t imagine not being around him. If you were to tell me 7 months ago that I were going to meet the man of my dreams I may have thought you were crazy!

To all of you ladies or gents out there who are looking for their lobster (Friends reference) I say go the extra mile! You never know where you will meet them and for me it was online and it was the most perfect love story I could ask for!! Here are some pictures of us from beginning to end!


At the drive in movie theater in Goochland where the car battery died!! haha my luck

10411302_10152988544882656_621663515991844046_n 10443424_10152987102407656_2728036771717576503_n

We love baseball games!!

10478160_10152928986162656_9020850347702166623_n 10630750_10152361629813284_4317579559445241585_o 10882230_10153381517722656_72267215051007888_n

My mama and Ben!!


Ben is a host for trivia (along with Paterick, his buddy) at Penny Lane Pub! Sometimes I am honored to be the score keeper when Patrick can’t make it!

10351661_10153381508512656_6685512275348856706_n 10848831_10153390686807656_4541144422057090294_o

Photobooth fun at my sister’s wedding! Somehow this picture ended up in my uncle’s jacket pocket for MONTHS after.

10897126_10153403433282656_8576936431323895531_n (1)


               I love you Ben Hoover!!

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