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September 6, 2019

Amanda & Kaleb | Carpenter Theater | Richmond, Virginia

Summer weddings are always a blast! From cool wedding venues and being able to shoot pictures until the late evening, they never disappoint. This wedding was no exception. Amanda and Kaleb were married at Ramsey Church and then their reception was held at the Carpenter Theater in Richmond, Virginia.

To say it was stunning was an understatement. The church was a classic beauty and the Carpenter Theater felt magical. Amanda and Kaleb were probably our most laid back couple to date. You can tell how giving they both are and how sweet they are to their friends and family. They are fun…that is for sure! The dance floor was never empty and the party went on late in to the night as they moved to Penny Lane Pub to keep the party going.

Amanda and Kaleb, we love you both! Thank you for including us in such a wonderful day. We wish the best to both of you!

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