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August 15, 2019

Megan & Ethan Wedding | Glen Allen, Virginia| Heather Michelle Photography

Megan & Ethan got married at Saint Vernon Baptist Church in Glen Allen, Virginia. It was the perfect bright and sunny summer day for the lovebirds to get married.

I’ve known Megan since elementary school and were really close friends through high school. I moved to Goochland and we lost touch for a little while but stayed connected through Facebook. Oh, Facebook! We reconnected after I made a post about picking out our Labrador Retriever, Graham. You see, the Stewarts had just lost a dog and Megan wanted to look into a puppy for her parents. A couple of weeks later, we picked up Graham and the Stewart family ended up with 3 of his siblings! Megan and I kept chatting up until then and when Megan and Ethan got engaged I was so excited. They met in church and after a little convincing and persistence from Ethan, Megan decided to go on a date with him. It’s been history ever since.

Ethan went to Clemson and Megan went to Kansas State so naturally, they picked purple and orange for their wedding colors. Their bridal party was so funny. I keep thinking to myself that their friends are just obsessed with them! Everyone constantly commented on how wonderful this couple was or how great of friends Megan and Ethan are. It was so nice to see everyone that excited to see them get married.

Megan and Ethan, you guys were so wonderful! Ben and I had a blast at your wedding and are so excited for what the future holds for you guys!

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