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December 6, 2018

Whitney & Kevin | Ashton Creek Vineyard Wedding| Chester, Virginia

Are you looking to see a wedding with a blush wedding dress, sparkly shoes, fall trees, and an amazing winery? This is your wedding! Whitney and Kevin got married at Ashton Creek Vineyard and it is a hidden gem! It’s nooked away in Chester, Virginia and was absolutely charming.

Whitney and I met years ago at Goochland High School. We had Probability & Statistics together and I sat right behind her. I could  wager the probability that Whitney would always provide me with snacks during that class. I swear…I’m pretty sure she is the main reason I survived hanger issues (being hungry & angry at the same time) the entire year.

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Catching up with Whitney again made it feel like we were back to our teen years and getting to meet the man of her dreams made me so excited! Most of my brides and grooms know that I love to meet them out for a meal in person. This couple realized quickly that I had a PROBLEM because I always suggested Chuys. I can’t lie…it’s my favorite! I had the privlage of getting to know Whitney & Kevin as a couple over a few margaritas. 

I love this couple for so many reasons but mainly for their kindness and good-hearted nature. When you  are around them you just know they are good people. Kevin made me laugh through their entire engagement session and I am pretty sure he couldn’t stop staring at Whitney. Their wedding was no different. All eyes were on Whitney and her beautiful blush wedding dress. 

I am so thankful to have gotten to reconnect with Whitney and know Kevin as they enter into such an amazing part of their lives. Thank you to you both for being such wonderful people! I hope you love your pictures as much as I do.


Wedding Dress: Tiffany’s Bridal       

 Tux’s: Men’s Warehouse 

Caterer: Alpha Pitt Smokers

Cake: Kevin’s Aunt, Mary Susan Stafford 

DJ: Daniel Molinares 

Wine, Beer & Cider: Ashton Creek Vineyard 

Wedding Coordinator: Kevin’s Cousin, Sarah Stafford 

Flowers: Flowerama

Venue: Ashton Creek Vineyard 

Sparkly shoes? My dream….
This tears me up everytime I look at it. He had tears in his eyes and all he could do was laugh in happiness! 
I love walking pictures!!! <3 <3 
What a goofball! 
My type of girl! I can’t tell you how long we laughed after this picture was taken <3 <3
I could photograph this couple all day long! Seriously,…they are perfect. 
Ashton Creek Winery was a dream! Could I have 2 hours for portrait hour next time? 
My favorite picture from the whole day! She did this without being prompted and it’s seriously the cutest picture.

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