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January 3, 2017

Heather’s Favorite Wedding Pictures of 2016!

It’s here! I actually get so excited to create this blog because it’s the only time that I get to see all my work in one place for the entire year. I want to start this blog by saying thank you to all of my “lovebirds”! You guys made this year such an amazing year filled with a lot of love…and laughter! I had an amazing year. 16 weddings, 20 engagements, 1 styled shoot, and a few personal sessions here and there. Let’s just say I am so proud. This has been my biggest year yet. It has come with a lot of challenges.

One of my biggest challenges has been balancing a full-time day job with a full-time photography business. This has been the first year it has really hit me and pushed me way beyond my limits. I had to learn very quickly that I could not deliver my pictures in my regular time frame that I normally do. It really broke my heart BUT I also learned that I have amazingly patient couples. Some people know me to be a LITTLE bit of a perfectionist and one of the hardest challenges but greatest accomplishments for me was learning that my work was good enough to not be a perfectionist with each and every picture. This year I delivered over 35,000 pictures to my clients….no joke! There is no way that I could have spent as much time as I usually did. You know how I did it? Lightroom Presets! I am pretty sure I am going to have to write a blog about how these suckers saved my life this year.

All in all…I had an amazingly challenging-yet rewarding year. Happy 2016! Bring it on 2017….

My first wedding of 2016! Tyla & Scott…you guys are just too freaking adorable. I remember this portrait session like it was yesterday. I loved hanging out with your family and sweet little Malibu. I have a few canvases that I printed out for my bridal shows and to show off and this first one made the cut!

university of richmond engagement session richmond virginia (1 of 1)-119university of richmond engagement session richmond virginia (1 of 1)-116university of richmond engagement session richmond virginia (1 of 1)-123

Latasha & Chad….oh my heart! This Valentine Museum RVA wedding stole my breath away and I loved how Chad could not stop looking at Latasha. True love right there! Latasha and I hit it off right away…partly because we love to chit chat. Chad is a man of very few words but I got the chance to see him really open up at our Christmas party last year when the guys hung out in the den and played video games! I loved taking pictures of Tasha because she is simply gorgeous. I had a VERY hard time narrowing down pictures for them. Latasha & Chad Wedding Favorites (1 of 1)-42Latasha & Chad Wedding Favorites (1 of 1)-34Latasha & Chad Wedding Favorites (1 of 1)-45

Keisha & Eric! You guys were a royal couple on your wedding, that is for sure. I could have taken pictures of you guys all day long. TRULY! Thank you for including me on this magical experience in Norfolk, Virginia.sufolk virginia princess royal wedding gold pink and black (1 of 1)-57sufolk virginia princess royal wedding gold pink and black (1 of 1)-56sufolk virginia princess royal wedding gold pink and black (1 of 1)-58

Jennifer & Jacob! My fellow nerdy couple…how I could talk to you guys all day long. Jennifer, I am still in awe that on your bridal portrait session you brought me a birthday gift because it was my birthday and ONLY day we both had free! I had colored half of the pictures in my Harry Potter coloring book. Eternally grateful for your friendship. Looking back at these pictures I laugh because we were almost not allowed to walk across the bridge because the water was too high! Jennifer forgot her bouquet on the way over so I had to venture over the bridge during the ceremony without slipping to grab it for her. The entire ceremony watched me as I made my way back. All I remember was saying “This is NOT the time to be a clutz”. Thankfully I made it over and it was a FANTASTIC wedding.Midlothian Virginia Lake Wedding (1 of 1)-106Midlothian Virginia Lake Wedding (1 of 1)-94Midlothian Virginia Lake Wedding (1 of 1)-82

Oh Mandy & Micah! I had such a fun time at your wedding. This was another favorite of mine. You both are such sweet souls and I remember telling Mandy’s mom how blessed I felt to be there. This ceremony was God-filled! I felt him there and teared up so many times. Thank you so much for such a wonderful experience and I loved getting on the dance floor with you both and showing my moves! lynchburg virginia fairytale wedding country chic (1 of 1)-98lynchburg virginia fairytale wedding country chic (1 of 1)-94

Michael & Brittany. My handsome cousin & his gorgeous bride! I have to laugh because Brit has been in our family for a long while now. The entire wedding I was a little nervous because my whole family was watching me. I kept calling Brit’s family the Groom’s family because she has been a cousin to me for so long! I had to push my limits with my photography and face the harsh light in this first picture. It turned out to be both their and my favorite picture from the wedding. Love you both and can’t wait to meet your little addition to the family soon 🙂Deep Creek Lake Wedding Heather Michelle Photography (1 of 1)-109Deep Creek Lake Wedding Heather Michelle Photography (1 of 1)-110Deep Creek Lake Wedding Heather Michelle Photography (1 of 1)-88

I also had to add a few extras because you all know I am just like my Mama but I am a Daddy’s girl. Here is my sweet Aunt Kaka and my daddy together at Michael and Brittany’s wedding. I just love seeing the two of them together 🙂

Deep Creek Lake Wedding Heather Michelle Photography (1 of 1)-134And my super gorgeous sister, Lindsay and my super cute boyfriend, Ben breaking it down on the dance floor! Deep Creek Lake Wedding Heather Michelle Photography (1 of 1)-160

Sarah & Scott…oh this wedding and these pictures! I had such a blast and can seriously say I will remember this wedding forever. Scott is a history buff and every turn in Lexington, Virginia gave you a sweet southern taste of historical landmarks. I just loved being around this couple because it was truly all about their marriage. Sarah is so low key and just wanted to hang out with her gal pal’s all day long. 🙂lexington virginia wedding navy and sparkles (1 of 1)-62lexington virginia wedding navy and sparkles (1 of 1)-79lexington virginia wedding navy and sparkles (1 of 1)-55

Tara & Andy! Thank you for letting me part of your special day. If you didn’t read their blog, Andy is Ben’s cousin and this day was like a fairy tale! We hung out all day and I will admit it was a little hot! I feel like God answered our prayers because as soon as the ceremony was over and we were all under the tent for the reception, the heavens opened up and let the rain fall down. It’s good luck for it to rain on your wedding day, right? I think so because we had a blast. There was literally a stream flowing over the dance floor and the entire dance floor was “river dancing”. virginia wedding country pink southern belle (1 of 1)-48virginia wedding country pink southern belle (1 of 1)-49virginia wedding country pink southern belle (1 of 1)-60

Naomi & Eric. I remember first meeting with Naomi and feeling this overwhelming sense of calm. She told me their love story and I remember tearing up and really just loving who they were as a couple. If you don’t remember this bride from the blog, she had 13 flowers girls because she never had the chance to be one as a child. She wanted each little girl to feel super special…and oh my lord the cuteness never ended! So excited to hear that you guys will be also adding a sweet addition to the family in 2017! photography virginia wedding photographer heather michelle photography (140 of 254)photography virginia wedding photographer heather michelle photography (138 of 254)photography virginia wedding photographer heather michelle photography (119 of 254)

Holly & Spencer. I remember this being the moment of 2016 where I was feeling so overwhelmed by all that I had going on. I was so stressed and worried about delivering the best pictures I could when I already felt burnt out. Well…your wedding actually gave me all of the motivation and inspiration I needed to finish the year out with a bang. I uploaded your pictures to start editing and cried! Like…not a cute tear here and there. UGLY cried! I am so proud of these pictures. Your family and friend were just about the kindest people I have ever met. Needless to say, I could feel the love through these pictures.



Jessica & Cabell. The wedding where I was not only the photographer but the Maid of Honor! I can’t thank you enough for including me on your special day. I have always felt very close to both of you and just loved being able to capture your love. Not to mention get to hang out with the coolest people EVER! farmville-virginia-wedding-photographer-heather-michelle-photography-virginia-photographer-1-of-1-37farmville-virginia-wedding-photographer-heather-michelle-photography-virginia-photographer-1-of-1-42farmville-virginia-wedding-photographer-heather-michelle-photography-virginia-photographer-1-of-1-68farmville-virginia-wedding-photographer-heather-michelle-photography-virginia-photographer-1-of-1-96Emily & Josh. Could your pictures have been anymore perfect? When we approached this little boat I had no idea that it would not only match your wedding colors but say P.S. I love you. Happy coincidence! I just love you guys. You are so sweet and I love the way Josh looks at you, Emily. You both have such kind and caring souls and I loved being at your wedding to celebrate your marriage.


Oh my lord. Here we go…..Tara & Ryan. My sassiest couple yet. When I say that every time I see these two there is more sarcasm and laughter than I have ever experienced with two people. That’s how it goes with these two. Ryan says something sarcastic and Tara belts out laughing. Tara laughs so hard that Ryan starts to laugh. OR Tara is being really sassy and Ryan starts laughing. That make Tara laugh…starting the whole process all over again. These two are true soulmates. I love being around Tara just because she is such a sweet friend to me. Whenever we get together we chit chat like we have known each other for years. I love you both and thank you for ALWAYS making me laugh…and sending me out of your engagement session with a fresh carton of eggs from your chicken coop. That was a first for sure! richmond-virginia-tredegar-historic-wedding-photographer-photography-heather-michelle-photography-1-of-1-69richmond-virginia-tredegar-historic-wedding-photographer-photography-heather-michelle-photography-1-of-1-52richmond-virginia-tredegar-historic-wedding-photographer-photography-heather-michelle-photography-1-of-1-109richmond-virginia-tredegar-historic-wedding-photographer-photography-heather-michelle-photography-1-of-1-121

Sherri-Ann & Eric. A love that can bear all storms. That is because their wedding took place smack dab in the middle of Hurricane Matthew. This was a whirlwind of a day with so many great memories. These two lovebirds stole your heart away as they gave their vows to one another. I loved when Eric serenaded Sherri-Ann and danced for her! virginia-beach-chesapeake-virginia-wedding-photographer-photography-heather-michelle-photography-1-of-1-36virginia-beach-chesapeake-virginia-wedding-photographer-photography-heather-michelle-photography-1-of-1-33virginia-beach-chesapeake-virginia-wedding-photographer-photography-heather-michelle-photography-1-of-1-54Melissa & Eric. This day went by in a flash and I am so glad we were able to have so much time for pictures. Farmville, Virginia was full of so many little areas for us to find the perfect spot to take your portraits. I loved watching Eric and his cousin Kyle sing “Man of Constant Sorrow” for the guests. Such a fun day!powhatan-virginia-wedding-photographer-photography-heather-michelle-photography-86-of-163powhatan-virginia-wedding-photographer-photography-heather-michelle-photography-88-of-163powhatan-virginia-wedding-photographer-photography-heather-michelle-photography-76-of-163Becky & Adam. My final wedding of the year! I am so thankful to have gotten to know you both. You guys are so sweet and humble. I absolutely loved taking pictures at the Carillon in Richmond and not only that but got to work with my favorite Caterer ever, Lona Crittenden! You guys really finished my year with a bang as we celebrated the night away. Thank you so much for letting me be part of your day and get to know your sweet family and friends. carillon-wedding-richmond-virginia-wedding-heather-michelle-photography-1-of-1-49carillon-wedding-richmond-virginia-wedding-heather-michelle-photography-1-of-1-55carillon-wedding-richmond-virginia-wedding-heather-michelle-photography-1-of-1-592016….you rocked!

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