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February 13, 2015

Big Sis * Lil Sis

One of my favorite youtube channels (besides Ellen) is Lennon & Maisy. If you haven’t heard of these two they are AMAZING and have been on Nashville!! So great. They just covered “Boom Clap” and sang “Ho Hey”. Seriously these girls are amazing. Now, after you go search them and watch a few videos I want you to watch something. Lennon is the older sister and constantly starts the songs with her amazingly unique voice, partially because she plays the guitar. Maisy is the younger sister and has this strong and almost magical voice and always follows Lennon. When they sing together it’s BEAUTIFUL. It puts me in a trance. One thing that stands out to me from a younger sister perspective is how many times Maisy will look at Lennon. She is CONSTANTLY looking up to her. I have to smile because I relate to Maisy.

I have an absolutely stunning and amazing sister to look up to as well. I always have. SO welcome to my blog post about Lindsay Loo! My earliest memory of Lindsay was when I was three and we both slept in the same room. Lindsay came in and woke me up from a nap. I remember waking up so quickly because I wanted to be around Lindsay. That was it! The moment I became obsessed with my sister. Although I am 5 inches taller than her, I still look up to her. She always held my hand, especially with Santa. I was terrified and she just knew how to keep me calm.

She is beautiful, smart, funny, and you are always wondering what she is thinking. I love to make her laugh. I have since I was a little girl. All I have to do as an adult now is make one particular face and she is crying from laughter. I have constantly been looking up to her. We are on different paths of life but I see her handle problems with poise and grace. Lindsay I have loved you since the day I was born. Every time I watch these girls sing I think of us. I hope one day my children look up to each other as we have. You are the best Lindsay Loo!




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