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September 8, 2014

I hear wedding bells!!

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Not for me!! At least not yet…BUT my sister is getting married in 61 days and I could not be happier for her! She seriously is the sweetest person and to see her happy is the best. I’m not going to leak too many details but the wedding is taking place on an equestrian farm with two clydesdale horses. TOO STINK’N CUTE!!! I will have more details when tI can officially post the pictures..but what I can tell you is how I feel. This is the first time I am realizing that my sister and I are adults. Weird to say BUT she is marrying the love of her life….meaning that one day soon, that will be me. I get to have that moment as well. I can envision what I tell my HMbrides, and how excited I get for them, and I realize it’s because I get to have that moment some day soon. I get to pick out a dress and marry the love of my life. Hopefully, I won’t be crying down the aisle…and maybe I will see his face and have a huge grin from ear to ear. I’ll have my dad walking me down the aisle and I will have to tell him that I will always be his baby girl (just as I am sure my sister will have to do!). My mom, family, and friends will be waiting and watching…being apart of a moment that will be remembered in my life forever. And then the groom….to whomever you are. I will be walking to you….to start a life, a family, and memories to last for the rest of my day. So..although you may think of my sister’s wedding as just another day, it’s not. It’s a beginning for her…and me. Love you Lindsay Loo and I can’t wait to be your Maid of Honor.

-Heather Michelle

P.S. Stay tuned for my blog about preparations for my sister’s Bachelorette party in Charleston, South Carolina!!!!

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