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August 23, 2016

Dear Lindsay | Heather Michelle Photography| Wedding Photographer

Dear Lindsay,

   Happy 28th birthday! As your favorite (only) little sister, I relish the moments that the attention is on you and not your crazy, wild, no filter baby sister. So…how does it feel? 27 probably had a pretty good feeling but 28?! Woah baby, watch out…Lindsay Marshall is in town. This is your second year as a wife and I have to say marriage looks REALLY good on you. I hope you get to spend a lot of time with your fur baby, Hazel Nut and your wonderful hubby, Bradford!

I wanted to write something for you. You and I growing up were always at those “weird” ages. You were just old enough to be into different things than I was but always young enough for me to relate to you in some way or with something you had dealt with in the past. I remember always being “Lindsay’s sister”. You had a reputation of being so sweet. Then I came into those teachers worlds and I am pretty sure I ruined the “Deadrick” reputation. I was loud, dorky, and just had no filter. I remember you catching me dancing with my music blasting. I remember that feeling of being caught. Like, I had been exposed but through the years I have found you have been the BEST at keeping my secrets. You have been the BEST big sister. You are the most stunning sister a girl could have and growing up by your side taught me a lot. I used to describe you as “Posh Spice mixed with Hermione Granger”. If anyone knows me, you must know I LOVED the spice girls and Harry Potter. It’s quiet the compliment. Lindsay, you have this beauty that I am not even sure you know about. I saw it growing up and I see it every time we go out to lunch or are hanging out.

You are classic. You are so kind and humble about what you do. I’m not just saying this as your sister but as a friend. People FLOCK and talk about you in a way that makes you want to hear more. You are so intelligent and clever (like Hermione!) and have the ability to just rock a hairstyle or makeup . I think you officially need to call it the “Lindsay look”.

When we were growing up I used to watch you.  I used to see how you would handle things and I just wanted to be around you. I craved time with you and it is because of how wonderful you are! As a little girl, I could tell what an amazing sister you are. I would try to sneak in your room any chance I could get, just to see what you liked and if I could read your journal and find out what you were up to. I would never tell, if I found anything! I never did…but it was mighty fun to dig through your things.

I need to thank you. You made me stronger in every way possible. You have supported me in ways I can’t even put in to words. You make being a little sister easy, Lindsay. You make me SO PROUD. I am so lucky to have you. I realize I am slightly rambling…

Lindsay, I wish you the happiest birthday and I want you to have the best day ever. I hope you get a big birthday cake and spend your time with people you love the most. That reminds me, do you want to have lunch today? 🙂


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