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December 29, 2015

2015 Best of Engagements

Oh man! This year has flown by and I don’t even remember everything I did this year. I seriously think my mind and body still thinks it’s Autumn and I have weeks to prepare BUT of course, New Years is only days away.

This is one of my favorite weeks as I get to show all my friends, family, and couples my personal FAVORITES pictures of this year. Kicking this week of pictures of: Engagements!

My couples know that this is a special time. This is my time! Going out into the city or a random field with two people in love is an amazing experience. Especially when you have to ask them all about THEIR relationship. When I go back through the engagement sessions I can almost feel their excitement, love, and dedication to each other.

So here we go guys! I loved 2015….2016 Bring It On!

richmond monument engagement session (5 of 296)Latasha & Chad were a dream! I couldn’t believe the amazing colors and how they matched this classic tree near the Capital Building in Richmond, Virginia. Seriously one of my favorites.

richmond monument engagement session (222 of 288)

These lovebirds stole my heart but that started WAY before this engagement session. Cabell, Jessica, and I have been friends for almost 10 YEARS! That is so hard to believe and I can tell you that this relationship was fated to happen. These HM Lovebirds are old souls and I adore that about them. Also, Cabell you are “rocking” that man bun!

richmond river engagement session (131 of 296)

Oh my goodness! I don’t even feel like this picture needs to be written about. Keisha and Eric are seriously MODELS!…okay, not professionally BUT that didn’t stop them from cuddling and being adventurous out at Pony Pastures in Richmond, Virginia. Thank goodness we didn’t fall into the water…it would have been FREEZING on this gorgeous Autumn day.

backyard country engagement session Richmond Virginia (108 of 258)

I will FOREVER be in love with this couple. Okay, that sounded weird but I am not changing it because it is so true. Shatara & Ryan are sassiest and most sarcastic couple I know and I am seriously wishing to go hang out with them right now. I knew…the moment I met Tara that she HAD to be an “HM Bride”. She laughed the entire session and I had SO many pictures to go through but it was totally worth it because I got this amazing shot. I also walked away with a carton of fresh eggs from their chicken coop. I can say that that was a gift I did not expect but will FOREVER remember.

classy country engagements richmond virginia (374 of 494)

Okay, short and sweet for Ashley & Matt. This was by far one of the most romantic shoots I have been at yet. I don’t know if it was because this couple seriously adores each other but they were so smitten. Look at how glamorous they look! Sheesh…

boat and water engagements richmond virginia (294 of 343)

Model face, model face, MODEL FACE!! This couple SWORE to me that it couldn’t be done. That they could not have a serious moment and give me a beautiful picture like this. Boy, they were wrong. Jennifer & Jake are amazing and so sweet. Jennifer and I talked in Starbucks for over an hour about her relationship with Jake! I can’t wait for their wedding.

country lake engagements richmond virginia (420 of 680)

Sarah & Scott’s engagement session gives me goosebumps. Seriously, if I can expect this amazing couple to act the same way then I know their 2016 wedding is going to be spectacular. Scott would do ANYTHING for Sarah. Even spend 2 hours with a crazy photographer telling him to put his forehead on Sarah’s. He is the reason I now call my “nuzzle” pose…the sleeping poses.

lake engagement (1 of 1)-29

Okay, super personal engagement session. My cousin Mike is getting married to this gorgeous woman! Not only did I get to travel to Maryland for this engagement session at Deep Creek Lake BUT I got to stay the weekend and get on a pontoon boat before I came home. I am so honored to be part of their wedding day. I can’t wait, Brit!

Forest Hill Park Sunset Session (1 of 1)-9

This picture may or may not be getting printed out on a canvas to put on display…in my own home! Ashley & Daniel, I got to do both your engagement and wedding in one year. I loved every minute of it and am so glad you two tied the knot.

barnhouse engagement pink dress country (1 of 1)-3

Stephanie & George, you two have such a sweet and simple relationship and I love that about you guys. It was a breath of fresh air to be around you and realize that you two simply wanted to be together. I still have butterflies from this session.

Richmond Monument Engagement Session (16 of 99)

I love the monuments in Richmond, Virginia for engagement sessions. Emily & Blake were the first couple to get to go there with me! They are just the such a down to earth couple!

That’s a wrap for engagements!! I can’t wait to show you MORE of my favorite weddings tomorrow 🙂


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