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July 14, 2015

Out Of One House and Into Another! | Heather Michelle Photography | Richmond, Va.

I am SO sorry for the HUGE gap in between this blog post. It seems like just yesterday I had my white board full of blogs scheduled for specific days. It’s so easy. It’s so easy to forget to pre-blog and plan out my week. I either feel on top of things or as if I am drowning with the things I have to get done.

So what have I been doing with my life since this huge gap of silence through blogging? I’ve MOVED OUT, ya’ll!  I can’t tell you what an adventure this has been so far. If you haven’t been following me on facebook, Ben & I have been restoring his childhood home. It’s been a huge work load BUT we have loved every minute of it. I think when you start from scratch you can pick and choose what you like with ease. We have been going through Pinterest like a crazy. I chose very neutral colors so we could easily play around with furniture, art, and other decorations without having to worry what colors we needed to coordinate with. One thing I really wanted was to get most of the rooms painted before we moved in. That was a big project in itself BUT we completed all of the rooms that need to be painted. We are just starting to decorate…okay, I am decorating. It’s been such a blast. I can feel my inner Laurie Deadrick (my mom) coming out as I look at each room.

I’ve never lived with another person who hasn’t been a female roommate at college…or gay! So this has been quite a change. I will say that Ben is by far one of the easiest people to live with. One thing I can say we do really well together is, having our own activities. We both have friends together BUT we both have made sure to have things to do that get us out of the house to spend time with other people. It really helps!

I’m someone who knows what I want, almost ALL the time. So when Ben and I disagree, it’s really funny! I wish someone could film our conversations and how we end up talking about it. You can tell when I don’t want something the way he has it or when he thinks I am going a little overboard with the decorating. We have to do a lot of compromising in our house and that’s okay! We are a team…and we work together.

Here are some of the pictures of the house. This is the beginning to NOW!! There will be more decorations overall BUT this is the majority of the renovations.



IMG_5777 IMG_5778IMG_5780IMG_5781IMG_5793IMG_5795IMG_5796IMG_5797

IMG_5810IMG_5809IMG_5808IMG_5856 IMG_5858   IMG_5866 IMG_5864  IMG_5862IMG_5894Looking good, Roger!!

IMG_5899IMG_5901Well, that happened!!

IMG_5902 IMG_5910 IMG_5912The floor is coming up!


IMG_6081The finished product!

IMG_6078 IMG_5915All the rooms were FULL of projects and tools. We barely had a path to walk through at some points!

 IMG_5919We were finally able to begin cleaning up and moving in!!

IMG_5920 IMG_5921 IMG_5923 IMG_5926 IMG_5927


After Move-In Day pictures

 026A9252The Den….the blue sheet chair is for the dog!!

026A9253  026A9255      026A9261 026A9262Ben is making us a dry bar so when our friends come over, we can all stay in the same room!

 026A9264 026A9265  026A9268I am loving my new office!!

026A9271 026A9272 026A9273Okay, DON’T JUDGE! I haven’t found kitchen chairs that I like yet….haha
   026A9278 026A9280

Okay ladies! This was the best thing I have ever made. This pallet closet is the BEST 🙂

 026A9282and yah know, my statement necklaces HAVE to make an appearance

026A9283Here are some silly pictures during the past 5 months!!!

 IMG_6075 IMG_6077 IMG_5901IMG_6074IMG_6291HAHA!!! I am learning so much about Ben. This is how this guy gets the groceries out of the car! Seriously babe, you make me laugh every day 🙂

IMG_6416IMG_6419IMG_6005and last but not least…a lovey dovey picture of me and my boo!

  1. John Simpich says:

    Great job! I’ve renovated quite a few kitchens and its hell, right? But is it ever worth it. Great design choices. The sweat equity saved you so much of the overinflated construction costs. Very impressed!

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