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March 23, 2015

Just Breathe | Wedding Photographer | Richmond, Virginia

I love when you look back at where you started and realize how far you have come. This could be something as small as a craft project or as big a running a business. I constantly think I have to be better! I have to do more! Which is partly true. Being motivated can be an amazing quality to have. It can help you achieve your dreams but personally, I need to practice stepping back and realizing what I have accomplished. Having perspective really can help you in the long run. I go through spells where I doubt myself. Sometimes they last for hours or weeks on end. I hit that point again and realized I was blogging just to blog. It wasn’t fulfilling and I wasn’t doing the best I could do. I realized I needed to do some soul searching! I needed to try and figure out what I WANTED to blog about. I needed to stop trying to blog about what I thought people wanted me to write.

This is what I have realized in the last two weeks:

1. I really do LIKE to blog. I have said this a million times but I am NOT a writer. It scares me to think about sentence structure. HAHA I know most of you must be rolling your eyes but it’s the truth. It’s never been my strong suit. Talking…that is my strong suit. So to of all you reading my blog JUST to correct my grammar and run on sentences, know that I am not blogging for you. I am blogging for me. I have a voice and a story to tell.

2. I NEED to be surrounded by happiness and positive thoughts. I am having a Peter Pan moment! I have recently become obsessed about TED talks. If you haven’t seen any of them PLEASE do yourself a favor and go find them. I watch as many as I can on Netflix. They always put a positive perspective on my life! I live by the 1:3 ratio. Every 1 negative thing that happens each day I negate with 3 positive things that make me happy. This could be as easy as drinking a cup of coffee or reading a book. The important part is that it keeps me happy.

3. Motivation isn’t a state of mind and it isn’t easy. Trust me, I would much rather stay in my bed an hour longer than write a blog. Sometimes I do! BUT…I know where I want to go. I know who I want to be and sitting around isn’t going to make my dreams come true. I want to be able to do this full time without a part time job! I want to one day be able to buy myself a car, home, and future by doing something I LOVE! Sitting around will not get me to where I am going.

Now, I need to put all the realizations into play. I have spent the last 2 weeks really figuring myself out and seeing how much I cared or missed blogging. I took a big breath! Taking a break from blogging was nice. It didn’t change my life and I was slightly relieved. I didn’t have the stress of wondering what to fill my blog calendar up with. It was a breath of fresh air. I then realized what I was missing. I actually MISSED blogging and felt like I had enough followers to hear me. What a liberating feeling! With this liberation, I apologize for being gone for so long. I had the best reveleation though and I am ready to go!!

Happy Monday Ya’ll!! Do something that makes you happy 🙂


  1. RogDawg says:

    Three positives for you today to take away one negative. You brighten my day when you unexpectedly come from around the car and smile. You are a kick butt worker, no matter the project. Your enthusiasm is contagious. Rock on!

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